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YO DX HF Contest 2017 by YO8TNB

Last weekend August 26 12:00:00 – August 27, 11:59:59 UTC I have worked in the YO DX HF Contest 2017 with IC-7000, 100W, MOXON antenna and N1MM+ category H.SO-SB-MIXT-14Mhz. At the end of the contest I have completed 357 QSOs with a score of 76,176: I have done a live streaming in two parts Day1 […]

YX0V Aves Island NA-020

An unexpected invitation from the Venezuelan Navy gave rise to a DXpedition to Aves Island – Isla de Aves – (YV0), the current number 17 on the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted List. While trying to organize its annual IOTA DXpedition to Los Monjes Island (SA-015), members of the Asociación de Radioaficionados de Venezuela (ARV) and […]

Ham Radio Digital Voice plus Video on HF

FreeDV plus Video adds a new dimension, video conferencing to amateur radio operation on HF. Imagine a QSO where you’re able to listen to and see the other operator! Here’s a recording from the receiving station’s screen while receiving audio and video from amateur station WA6NUT. The recording shows the Video RX PC screen, with the […]

USAF wants to improve HF communications

New Scientist magazine reports the US Air Force is working on plans to improve HF radio propagation by releasing ionised gas in the upper atmosphere using a fleet of micro satellites As well as increasing the range of radio signals, the USAF says it wants to smooth out the effects of solar winds, which can […]