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YO DX HF Contest 2017 by YO8TNB

Last weekend August 26 12:00:00 – August 27, 11:59:59 UTC I have worked in the YO DX HF Contest 2017 with IC-7000, 100W, MOXON antenna and N1MM+ category H.SO-SB-MIXT-14Mhz. At the end of the contest I have completed 357 QSOs with a score of 76,176: I have done a live streaming in two parts Day1 […]

Invitation to YO DX HF Contest 2016

Status: Active Mode: CW, SSB Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m Classes: Single Op All Band (CW/SSB/Mixed)(High/Low) Single Op Single Band Multi-Op Single Transmitter Youngster/Novice (<16y) Max power: High: >100W Low: 100W or less Exchange: YO: RS(T) + county non-YO: RS(T) + Serial No. Work stations: Once per band per mode QSO Points: 8 points […]

This Weekend: Worked All Europe DX Contest CW

The WAE contest, organized by DARC (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club), starts again with the CW portion this weekend. The SSB and RTTY portions will follow respectively in September and November. To be valid, QSO’s must be conducted between an European station and a non-European one (this rules doesn’t apply for the RTTY portion). For European hams, any […]