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3Y0I | Bouvet Island expedition postponed

3YØI POSTPONED 3YØI Press Release #4March 27, 2019 And yet! The captain of the MV Atlantic Tuna had to take a difficult but responsible decision to take a course back to Cape Town, South Africa. But the 3YØI Expedition is NOT cancelled – we don’t give up that easily. I just had a long conversation with […]

OJ0Y | Market Reef

DL8JJ, G4PVM and MM0NDX will be active as OJ0Y, from Market Reef Call-Sign: OJ0Y Team: DL8JJ, G4PVM, MM0NDX Date: 27 – 29 June 2018 IOTA: EU-053 Bands: HF Bands QSL: via M0SDV Direct QSL: Jamie Williams, 41 OVERTON LANE, HAMMERWICH, STAFFORDSHIRE, WS7 0LQ, England

KH1/KH7Z | Baker Island

Radio Amateurs members of the Dateline DX Association will be active as KH1/KH7Z, from Baker Island Call-Sign: KH1/KH7Z Team: 9V1YC, AA7A, AA7JV, HA7RY, JN1THL, KN4EEI, K6MM, K6TD, N1DG, N4HU, N4XP, N6HC, N6MZ, ND2T and WJ2O Date: 27 June – 7 July 2018 IOTA: OC-089 Bands: HF bands QSL: via K4TSJ direct, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW Direct QSL: […]

6W/ON4AZP | Senegal

ON4AZP will be active as 6W/ON4AZP, from Senegal Call-Sign: 6W/ON4AZP Team: Dominic – ON4AZP Date: 25 June – 5 July 2018 Bands: 40, 20, 15, 10m SSB QSL: via home call Direct QSL: DOMINIC THUWIS, OPPELSENWEG 8, 3520, ZONHOVEN, Belgium

BW/DF8DX | Taiwan

DF8DX will be active as BW/DF8DX, from Taiwan Call-Sign: BW/DF8DX Team: Bodo – DF8DX Date: 24 – 30 June 2018 Bands: HF Bands mainly CW QSL: via home call, LOTW Direct QSL: Bodo Fritsche, Mardelaeckerstr. 14, 5417, Untersiggenthal, Switzerland

8Q7DT | Maldive Islands

SM0UDH will be active as 8Q7DT, from Maldive Islands Call-Sign: 8Q7DT Team: Daniel – SM0UDH Date: 24 June – 9 July 2018 IOTA: AS-013 Bands: HF Bands SSB, JT9, JT65, FT8, using Icom IC-7300 transceiver QSL: via home call, LOTW, eQSL Direct QSL: Daniel Takayama, Medevigatan 4, Stockholm, SE11361, Sweden

H44MS | Solomon Islands

DL2GAC will be active as H44MS, from Malaita Island Call-Sign: H44MS Team: Bernhard – DL2GAC Date: 22 June – 12 July 2018 IOTA: OC-047 DXCC Country: Solomon Islands – H4 Bands: 160 – 6m SSB QSL: via home call Direct QSL: Bernhard M. Stefan, Moeggenweilerstr. 18, 88677 Markdorf, Germany

H44XG | Solomon Islands

JA1XGI will be active as H44XG, from Solomon Islands Call-Sign: H44XG Team: Haru – JA1XGI Date: 21 – 27 June 2018 IOTA: OC-047 DXCC Country: Solomon Islands – H4 Bands: 40, 30, 20, 15, 10m CW, FT8 QSL: via JA1XGI Direct QSL: HARU UCHIDA, 2-30-11 SHINTOMI, KAWAGOE, SAITAMA, 350-0043, Japan

ZF2LT | Grand Cayman Island

K8HTC will be active as ZF2LT, from Grand Cayman Island Call-Sign: ZF2LT Team: Lawrence – K8HTC Date: 18 – 24 June 2018 IOTA: NA-016 Bands: HF Bands QSL: via home call, QRZ.COM Log Book Direct QSL: Lawrence L Feth, 1143 Forest Rise Dr, Westerville, OH, 43081, USA

6M6M | Yonghung Island

6M6M Team will be active from Yonghung Island Call-Sign: 6M6M Team: Jeongho – HL2VA, Lee – DS4EOI, Kim – HL2CFY, SangHyun – HL3EYC, Geum Dong – DS4AOW, Lee – DS2GWM, Gyeong Hwan – HL4CEL, Wang Hyun – HL4RBR, Park – HL4CGB, JuHyun – HL2VXK, ByungHo – HL1TKF, Mun – 6K2KCW, Youngkyun – HL2DAA, Lee – DS3FXU, […]

3W9NH | Vietnam

JA0JHQ will be active as 3W9NH, from Vietnam Call-Sign: 3W9NH Team: Nobuaki – JA0JHQ Date: 14 – 18 June 2018 QTH: Hoi An Bands: HF Bands plus 6m Band, CW, FT8, including activity in All Asian DX CW Contest QSL: via JA0JHQ direct, LOTW Direct QSL: Nobuaki Hosokawa, 1458-25 Okagami, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 215-0027, JAPAN