SP8YAY STRATOSPHERIC BALLON | SSTV | June 16 2019 | QTH start: Brzeznica

Coordinates balloon flight coordinates and capsule contents:

Balloon Launch: Brzeźnica K / dębica h 15:00 LOC

Pod & Sp8yay Capsule:
1. Tracker Aprs 144.800 MHZ – sp8yay
2. Tracker Aprs 432.500 MHZ – sp6zwr
3. Tracker Sstv 144.500 MHZ MOD: scottie1
4. Tracker Lora 868 Mhz
5. Cameras
6. Space Cookie – The Capsule of the group “Flower” Dębica
7. Tracker Lora 444 Mhz
8. Electronics measuring mini satellite cansat

During the flight of the capsule from the capsule, there will be a transmitter transmitter sending scans of images that were presented in the competition organized
Each of the arrivals for the festival will be able to use the amateur radio available in the tent tent and pick up the pictures on their smartphone.
Details will be given during the festival. I recommend all of them today installed on their android android programme on iOS cqsstv.

We hope the weather is good….

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Source: facebook.com/SP6ZWR