Napoca Cup Contest | 2018

Organized by:
Municipal Sports Club of Cluj Napoca with collaboraton of Transilvania Connection.

Period of operation:
Every year on the first full weekend of May. The contest starts Saturday at 1400 UTC and ends Sunday at 1400 UTC. In 2018, this will be on the 5th and 6th of May.

Bands and modes:
144, 432 and 1296 MHz, modes CW and PH (SSB and FM)

Contesting categories:
SOSB – single operator, single band
SOMB – single operator, multi bands
MOMB – multi operator, multi bands

RS(T) + progressive serial number starting with 001 (restarted from 001 on each band) + QTH Locator (Maidenhead locator).

Scoring is distance based. Points are calculated as follows:
144MHz – 1 point per km
432MHz – 2 points per km
1296MHz – 4 points per km

Working Characteristics:
Each operator may participate for only one category. For other categories he can send check logs.
Every station may be worked only once on the same band, regardless mode.
Anyhow, at least 3 YO stations are mandatory to be worked during the whole contest, regardless of band or
The contacts are valid both with YO and non-YO stations.
The contacts via repeaters, VoIP (Echolink-like) or cross-band are not allowed.
Points may be deducted for at least one of errors:
– wrong callsign
– wrong RST
– difference in time is more than 5 minutes
– wrong QTH Locator

Log contents and format:
Log header must contain the contesting category, operator name(s) and QTH Locator.
The logs must be written in EDI format.

Awards and trophy:
A separate classification will be made for each category if we have at least 5 validated participants.

Log submission:
Logs in EDI format must be submitted between 7 – 31 May 2018 on webpage

For questions and problems please mail to: