VI4BLT50 – Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan

In honour of the 50th Anniversary of the
Battle of Long Tan VI (numeral) BLT50 stations are on the air for a month from Australia

VI6BLT50 is in the name of Malcolm Johnson (SVN Vet)

VI4BLT50 in the name of WIA Director Ewan McLeod (SVN Vet)

VI1, VI2, VI3, VI5, VI7, VI8BLT50 stations are registered to the WIA

VI4BLT50 has a roster system and Ewan VK4ERM and Dale VK4DMC are at the moment the 2 ex-servicemen operators.

This is the Special Event that Malcolm VK6LC got rolling.

Following the ACMA’s issuing of callsigns to mark the important anniversary, Mal Johnston VK6LC has been given VI6BLT50, while other veterans may apply through the WIA to use on a roster basis, the callsign VI5BLT50.

These commemorative callsigns issued by the ACMA for 30 days, pay honour to those in the Vietnam War – with a focus on the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, August 18, 1966.

VI6BLT50 HF Calling Frequencies include:-


40m 7.095/145 MHz 7.010 MHz 7.040 MHz 7.045MHz

30m 10.130 MHz 10.110 MHz 10.135 MHz 10.138MHz

20m 14.195/250 MHz 14.010 MHz 14.071 MHz 14.085 MHz

10m 28.450 MHz 28.010 MHz 28.120 MHz 28.085 MHz

No doubt we Vets (said Graham, VK4BB, Editor of WIA News, himself a Vietnam War Veteran) will also now recall the 2nd Battle of Long Tan .. this as the Vietnamese Government, at the last hour, CANCELLED in country memorial activity where hundreds of Australian diggers had travelled to pay their respects.

At what was to be the main commemorative event in Vung Tau, the local authorities say they DID NOT CANCEL, explained to the Aussie contingent, Little Patties concert is not cancelled. You can have a concert but no singing and you can the dinner but no speeches.”

(Little Pattie was one of the performers on stage at Nui Dat as the Battle Commenced and had to be choppered to safety)

VI4BLT50 Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan