Ham Radio Digital Voice plus Video on HF

FreeDV plus Video adds a new dimension, video conferencing to amateur radio operation on HF. Imagine a QSO where you’re able to listen to and see the other operator!

Here’s a recording from the receiving station’s screen while receiving audio and video from amateur station WA6NUT. The recording shows the Video RX PC screen, with the RXfftDIFF7K and WinWarbler applications running. Note the “live” video from WA6NUT, displayed at 1 frame/sec, on the RXfftDIFF7K GUI. The audio is the FreeDV signal received from WA6NUT, decoded by the FreeDV application running on the Video TX/FreeDV PC.

The WinWarbler waterfall AFC is tracking one of the 64 subcarriers (nominally 2.100 kHz) displayed as a yellow trace. The operator of the receiving station tunes his receiver to maintain a 2.100 kHz reading on the WinWarbler AFC readout, compensating for frequency drift in the local receiver and the other station’s transmitter.

The signal level from the receiver to the RXfftDIFF7K and WinWarbler applications is set by the Record Microphone Level slider control.

The applications in the FreeDV+ suite run in the Windows operating system (the recording shows the software running in Windows Vista).

Watch FreeDV+ Video RX

See the “FreeDV+ Video TX” video for the receiving station’s Video TX/FreeDV PC screen at: CLICK HERE

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Source: Southgatearc.org