Registration tidal wave for lighthouse fun event

The 19th annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is only days away with 420 registrations now and the organisers tip it will reach 500.

Among the latest to join are from Algeria, Austria, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Panama, Russia, Sri Lanka and Turkey – taking the total to 41 countries.

The 400th registration went to the Queenscliff White Lighthouse VK3YSP, Esopus Meadows Lighthouse K2QS the 200 th, Haulbowline Lighthouse MN0HNQ number 200, and Avery Point Lighthouse W1QK the 100th back in December.

More than 10 ten registrations this year are not lighthouses, but lightships, a time-ball tower, a tender serving lighthouses, or museums featuring a lighthouse. All have an interesting history and most issue special QSL cards.

Germany remains in the lead with 65 registrations, followed the USA on 60, Australia 59, then England, Scotland, Holland, South Africa, Sweden, Canada, Wales, Ireland, Malaysia, France and many more on the list.

Only days remain to organise a portable activity and make a registration – you don’t have to be there the entire weekend of August 20 and 21.

All registrations with their location and callsign, along with easy to read guidelines for this premiere fun event can be found on the website