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His Maj. King of Spain Contest, CW | 2018

Date: 1200Z, May 19 to 1200Z, May 20 Geographic Focus: Worldwide Participation: Worldwide Awards: Worldwide Mode: CW Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m Classes: Single Op All Band (QRP/Low/High) Single Op Single Band Multi-Op Max power: HP: >100 watts LP: 100 watts QRP: 5 watts Exchange: EA: RST + province non-EA: RST + Serial […]

10-10 International Spring Contest, CW | 2018

Date: 0001Z, May 5 to 2359Z, May 6 Geographic Focus: Worldwide Participation: Worldwide Mode: CW Bands: 10m Only Classes: Individual Club QRP Max power: non-QRP: >5 watts QRP: 5 watts Exchange: 10-10 Member: Name + 10-10 number + (state/province/country) Non-Member: Name + 0 + (state/province/country) QSO Points: 1 point per QSO with a non-member 2 […]

Juno Spacecraft Listens for a Greeting From Earth

As NASA’s Jupiter-bound Juno spacecraft swung past Earth on Oct. 9, 2013, amateur radio operators around the world sent a Morse Code “HI” to the spacecraft. Would Juno hear their call? During its close flyby of Earth, NASA’s Jupiter-bound Juno spacecraft listened for a communication from amateur radio operators transmitting from locations around the world. […]

This Weekend: Worked All Europe DX Contest CW

The WAE contest, organized by DARC (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club), starts again with the CW portion this weekend. The SSB and RTTY portions will follow respectively in September and November. To be valid, QSO’s must be conducted between an European station and a non-European one (this rules doesn’t apply for the RTTY portion). For European hams, any […]