ISS SSTV on Baofeng handheld

The Chertsey Radio Club demonstrated that you can receive pictures from Space using just a Baofeng VHF handheld radio and a Lynx-7 Tablet.

On Monday, August 15, 2016 radio amateurs from India to Brazil successfully copied Slow Scan Television images transmitted on 145.800 MHz FM from the Russian amateur radio station located in the ISS Service Module.

The Russian Cosmonauts were using a Kenwood TM-D710 transceiver thought to be running about 25 watts output. It gave a good signal which could easily be copied on VHF handheld transceivers such as the popular Baofengs.

It expected there will be further SSTV transmissions on Tuesday, August 16. The ISS transmits 5 kHz deviation FM, if your transceiver has selectable FM filters you should select the wider filter for best results.

Receive Pictures from Space – ISS SSTV August 15-16

Receiving an ISS picture is a newsworthy event, why not tell your local newspaper and get some positive publicity for amateur radio

SSTV on a Raspberry Pi 3

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